Our company was established in 1959, thanks to the enterprise and technical ability of Mr. Angelo De Gradi who made the most  of  the years of material experience and processing. He gained such experience by FAEMA coffee machine company and it was performed in the bar counter manufacturing department.

After some years, Mr. Angelo De Gradi together with his business partner, Mr. Francesco Albani, founded Messrs. Albani & De Gradi that became a reference point until 1989, as far as the furniture designer is concerned.

In 1989 Mr. Angelo De Gradi’s sons joined the company and, as a result of it, Messrs. RIVESTINOX snc arise.

The company puts itself on the market by using its light steelwork department, as to the general processing of stainless steel.

The purchase of  automated production machines both in the cutting and folding department allow the customers to increase even in the fields of dishwashers, ice making  machines, ice-cream making machines.

The current DIGIERRE INOX srl arises in 2006.

Then it moves to the current production facility and expands its own present machinery just to be more suitable for the different market requirements.

Passion for their own work, maniacal attention to  the detail and continuous research for the quality are the guidelines that the founders are following.

They provide their services inside DIGIERRE company and actively contribute to have the company recognized as a reference point  as to the mass production and the performance of neutral equipment, bar counter modules, restaurants and communities.

We have been working in the field of stainless steel since 1962 and are committed to fine light steelwork, third party production and drawing.

Since 1993 we have been pursuing a policy of continuous and innovative investments and our machinery inventory technological upgrade is always regular.

The current limited liability company is founded in 2006 and it still belongs to the same two business partners and brothers.

The long experience of the two owners, a very skilled team, the attention to the market and the dedicated investment in equipment and staff training, enable us to cope with any kind of work  in a serious and professional way.

Our strong point is dynamism, therefore we are able to satisfy any kind of request.